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  1. Our staff love frog seats too!

    One member of staff does have an issue and I am really scratching my head.

    None of her classes have the full complement of students. 

    I have checked that her room has enough seats for the class.

    I have checked the membership of her classes in Groups and Policies and that she is the LEADER.

    What else could I be checking?

    Many thanks. Virginia Baldock

    1. pconkie


      I've not heard that one before.  What I would do is try to work out if there are any patterns.  For example does it always stop at the 15th student in the class? or are there students in the class with special accented letters in their name?

      You could also look what is happening behind the scenes when the new plan is created.  In Chrome if you right click and choose inspect, then select the network tab.  Click on add seating plan, fill out the details and save and then look at what appears in the inspector window.  When I do this i get the following:


      Look for method=groups.getmembers --> in preview, expand data.  There should be one row here for each student in the class plus the teacher.  Would be interesting to see if this list is truncated too. 

  2. Thanks very much for sorting this issue. The widget is back up and running :)
  3. Since the Galileo release the Week Indicator (frogcode) widget no longer works for us. I say no longer works - existing widgets still work but the widget settings are blank. So any widgets that had rules around them can't be changed and we can't use new instances of the widget. Any ideas? Virginia
  4. What I would find most useful is a tutorial guiding one through building a basic frogcode widget focussing on the coding element. Setting it up in the 1st place and installing it are fairly easy but I floundered with the coding. I think if I had an example to follow/copy/edit in my own time I might have managed one on my own. Hope you are on the mend - I thought you were on holiday - silly me!!!
  5. Forget that - it was me being silly!! THANK YOU SO MUCH - perfect. Have a good weekend.
  6. Fantastic. Thank you so much - and so quick!! I have installed the widget and built the page but it isn't working quite right. If I click on the 2nd page it scrolls back to the 1st page but then doesn't scroll onto the second. Here is the page : http://frog.judd.kent.sch.uk/displayscreen in case I have done something silly. Yes - please don't explain to me how it works - if Graham can't understand it then I don't have any chance!!
  7. Thanks Sam. Great to have a reason. We could just get away with just a couple of nested pages and change the content during the week. And buy the Dining Hall a clock! Yes please if we could have help from a developer. Hopefully we will just need a pointer, something to get us started and hopefully we can work the rest out ourselves.
  8. We use Raspberry Pis to "drive" our display screens with a series of webpages run via a script (see attached). We used to display frog3 pages without any problem but since we have moved to froglearn, and therefore using frog sites, they won't display (they are public sites). Using the pi conventionally you can browse (with Chromium) to the sites but via the script they don't display. Any ideas? I have attached the full script but here are is a short extract: // Define your "slides". 3 values for each are: // 1. Duration in seconds. // 2. Title to be used in menu. // 3. Source URL. Can be full URI or a relative URL. slides[1] = new Array(10, "Menu", "http://frog.judd.kent.sch.uk/menu"); slides[2] = new Array(30, "Rules", "http://frog.judd.kent.sch.uk/weekaweekb"); slides[3] = new Array(10, "Time", "http://time.is/just"); slides[4] = new Array(10, "LFN", "http://frog.judd.kent.sch.uk/latestfixturenews"); We have tried running the script on a Windows 7 PC and get the same issue. Yours hopefully, Virginia slide.txt
  9. Thanks Paul. Not that I trust the staff but I was loathed to do that. Having thought about it though I am using the page as a nested page so surely they can't destroy it?! Many thanks Paul.
  10. Am loving this new noticeboard widget. However is it possible to give staff the permission to edit and delete notices? They did with the original noticeboards. Kind regards Virginia
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