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Found 2 results

  1. Howdy. I just spoke to frog support who said to raise this here. So under the network drive preferences we have a section for setting the home drive path of each user profile type. Admin Govenor Other Parent Student Staff This is problematic as on our site we don't have just 1 location for home drives. See here on our site under AD we separate Teaching Staff from Admin Staff. Admin staff being HR, Attendance, SLT etc and not frog administrators. So whilst all our teachers home drives are located "\\EG-Data01\staff\{username}" all our Admin staffs home drives are located "\\EG-Data02\admins\{username}". Now since Teaching staff and Admin staff need to be in the staff profile, whilst teaching staff can access there home drive, admin staff can not as it points to an invalid location. What we need is the ability to define the home drives based on user groups and not user profiles. Additional we also need the ability to plainly import this location directly from the users AD profile. Anyway this is pretty obvious stuff and I am unsure as to why it was not set up like this to begin with., honestly profiles are useless and should just be merged with user groups, currently the inability to add or remove additional profiles is preventing frog from being adaptable. Slowly starting to lose faith in you guys.
  2. Good Morning All, We have a a few staff and students saying that they are unable to access their user drives from for the last few days? I was just wondering if anyone else had had similar reports from staff / students - Maybe a recent update has caused a problem? Thanks Simon
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