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Found 1 result

  1. The frog timetable widget does the job..... But it's big, contains a lot of unused white space and you only get to see one day at a time. It's a matter of opinion, but we probably had more usable timetable widgets in earlier versions of frog. After spending the last week or so trying to get up to speed with FrogLearn development (thank you Graham and @Chris.Smith for your helpful and speedy responses!) I thought I would give re-designing this widget a go. Here is what I came up with.... As with the frog version you can lookup and display any student or teachers timetable. This version is much more compact, has a week to view, supports two week timetables and is a bit more 'colourful'. There are a few improvements that need to be made which i hope the community can help with, but i'm fairly pleased with the result and what is possible with the frog api's and built in access to jquery and bootstrap. I plan to share and explain my approach so that the code can be improved (i'm a science teacher with no formal coding training) and perhaps others will find it useful for their own projects?
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