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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, At Frog we have recently introduced something called Frog Templates! What are these? These are free resource sites that schools can use as a new site, then edit and share amongst your users on your own school platform (FrogLearn). Why use these? to save time and give you ideas and a starting point! At Frog, myself & @Graham Quince have constructed the following site templates for you to utilise (see screenshot below). In order to create a site on your platform using one of these new templates, from within FrogDrive --> Sites, click the blue "New Site" button. On Step 1 of the site creation process click on "frog Templates on the left hand side then select a template and continue through the normal site creation process. Any questions on these please let us know! FYI, currently working on Extra Curricular Club, Careers, Revision Portal & SEN - Independent Education Area. Thanks, Edd
  2. Internally we've been talking a lot about lesson planning in Frog and I'm wondering what schools are currently doing. We have a couple of lesson plans in the Frog Templates section when you create a new site, a 7-stage accelerated lessonplan and Alistair Smith's 4-stage plan and we're looking to add more. Do most of you have a lesson plan template (on or off Frog) in school? i.e. a styling of planning all teachers are expected to follow. Or are your staff left to their own departments (or themselves) to construct lesson plans?
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