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Found 1 result

  1. OK so currently at the beginning of every year we print out a set of certificates... on special card... for each of our lower school kids to be given out during the year!!! Bronze... Silver... Gold..... each with their name on.... so give or take a bit... 3300 certificates.... printed on a normal printer...... on special card... by one women... and then each hand signed by the head!!!!!!!! Needless to say I suggested moving it to Frog.... so have come up with picture/text that will display depending on the award they are on. Using rules I can hide the certificates I don't want and turn one on depending on a group the kids are in. I want to try and make it as automated as possible... at the moment a member of our admin team updates a sheet it Sims with the date each certificate is printed/handed out.... which she works out from another sheet in SIMs.... which we as tutors key in how many stamps the kids get each week. Ive played around with the idea of using the House Field in SIMs as we don't have houses... but ive been told there would be no way to automatically update houses when kids reach the stamp limits. It has been suggested that a A UDF could be set up for this purpose and would be far more suitable whatever that is... I though the UDF was a NI terrorist group!!!! Unfortunately our SIMs lady is off on the sick... and even if we could set one up I doubt Frog pulls that in!! So anyway to cut a long story short... does anyone else have any ideas??? Thanks in advance!!
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