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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Wondering if anyone could help with an issue which popped up for some of our users (just students by the looks of it), seemly out of nowhere with no known changes to permissions, policy settings, etc. Student users are having the error, screenshot attached, "You do not have the required access to open menu.docs.network_drive.user_drive.default.". When navigating to a page with the Network Files widget to their Home folder. Or in FrogDrive > Home Drive. I've checked the policy permissions for FrogDrive and Network Files apps/widgets, file paths in Users is correct, permissions of the folder on the file server. Nothing out of place as far as I can see. What setting am I missing to check? Many thanks Sean
  2. Is modifying the Network Widget with CSS going to pose any security problems? I have created a site that is colour-coded in a three column layout; Teaching Slides, Classwork Resources, Homework Resources. The Network widget as it stands, while providing staff the easiest way to upload to the VLE, does not fit in with the look of the site so I have used the following code on the page; <style> .resources.view-list { background-color: #CBBFE2; } .resources.view-icon { background-color: #CBBFE2; } .theme-headerbg { display: none; } </style> Is there any problems that people can envisage?
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