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  1. Hello Graham Thanks for getting back to me. I guess my problem is that I wonder how clear it is for students to understand how to up load and submit work? The video did this very quickly and the whole Frog screen does not show on the video screen; there is no narration telling students how to do this. Maybe I am worrying unnecessarily and it will be much more intuitive to students than I imagine.! Until now, students have used Frog to download worksheets that they have lost or were not in class to receive, but have then handed in their work to me in person. Now that we are not in school, I need to be sure they have no reason to not submit work! I have watched a couple of you tube videos, so I now know how to do it, so I can always just instruct them rather than direct them to a tutorial. Thank you!
  2. Good morning! Is there a student user guide for uploading asignments on Frog? All the ones on you tube are really long winded and do not really show clearly how students can submit their work. I am looking for something simple that shows students how to submit work, showing the student interface rather than the teacher one. Thank you
  3. Hello I have used Frog for setting work for years, but now want students to upload their work. I have seen the tutorial for staff, but is there a tutorial I can send to my students showing them how to upload their finished work? Thank you
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