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  1. Hi, I'm not sure of the best way to access the assets within my widgets assets folder. For example, if I have an image that I want to display on a canvas, I can use the following: imageObj.src = "https://disraeli-bucks.frogos.net/app/file/resource/10E354602003064E38AADFB27ECC0A08B6D928AC51D3E2CA?1506677717"; To reference the image and it will display correctly. However if I use something like imageObj.src = "assets/rhino.jpg"; nothing will display. Is it necessary to use the full URL each time or am I being a bit daft?
  2. Thank you @pconkie it's all working and in time for today's photos to go on in the new way! Got to love those rogue coders!
  3. Hi, I have set up a sildeshow, using a file drop as detailed in the tutorial below: http://www.frogcommunity.com/app/os#!filedrop/slideshow My first slideshow was working correctly, and I could add/remove files to the drop and the correct pictures were showing. I then tried to add another slideshow (on a new tab within the site), so set up a new file drop, got the new ID and created the HTML again as per the tutorial, however the second file drop won't work as expected. The pictures from the second file drop show up in the first slideshow, despite them having
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