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  1. Azure SSO sounds like it will do exactly what I am sugesting. Thank you
  2. Says my email address is not registered still, I have submitted my email on the registration form how ever and submitted.
  3. Hi @Graham Quince thanks for responding. I would love to go post this over on the ideas portal, but unfortunately that website has never worked for me. I am still unable to figure out how to register as the register button seemingly does nothing. Thank you
  4. @Graham Quince I appreciate the adfs system does this, but adfs is something Microsoft are phasing out with there push for Azure. Come next year my school will be moving to azure, but we are already thinking of removing the adfs server because 365 no longer requires you to handle logins this way. On top of that we have found that when dealing with multiple aliases, staff and students just get utterly confused when asked to sign in via adfs, meaning this is not a solution that we as a school would ever be allowed to implement. I would highly recommend looking into moving to add
  5. I was unaware of this, will look into it. Thank you
  6. Hi Frog Team, I have a suggestion for something that could prove very beneficial to frog. In fact during this time of remote teaching this could be a slight game changer. At Broadway we are trying to do as much as we can though frog, unfortunately when it comes to remote teaching zoom is the answer. I'm not going to debate zoom vs teams here but frankly I wish we where able to use teams. The reason we do not use teams is because the kids would have to sign in to both frog and 365 to access there class. Where as with zoom we can generate a link ahead of time and post it on
  7. Good question, answer ofc not. I just set up a rule on the page for the widget that disables the widget for students, hopefully that prevents the widget from getting passed down to the cleint and thus prevents the data. This is why we need a real API guys, you know server side scripting on top of client side. You know like Node.js perhaps?
  8. I wish the staff on our site would use that, we tried this but the staff did not wish to use it.
  9. Hi everybody. So the new school year started and as always the teachers are sending year 7 students to my door every day. After 3 class loads of kids asking for user names and passwords I decided something had to be done. Obviously placing an excel document in a shared area was simply too complicated for the staff. So I took to HTML, picked up a few new tricks and began work on a new frog code widget that I would like to share today. This widget allows you to search though your year 7 students account information to find their username and password with out sending
  10. Unfortunately that information is not helpful. See, it looks like frog creates a special canvas layer over the top of frog to witch the windows are parented to. All my attempts of opening a dialog on the canvas yield no usable results. This means there must be a function somewhere that tells frog to make this canvas and then create the window on top. That is what I am after.
  11. So I am at it again, my next frog widget. Here I am working inside a html widget prototyping before i take this to frog code. Now I know the answer to my question is probably use an APP, but there are reasons as to why I will not be using an app for this so please try to avoid that as an answer. What I need to do is find a way to create a new frog window, like the preferences and users window, from inside of java script simulating an app. @Graham Quince I will leave this one for you to answer as I am sure you can ask a developer how the javascript code creates these
  12. @Graham Quince did you ever pickup the new package? Would hate to think that people are stil using my older less awesome content.
  13. Whilst this video shows me how to make changes on a per user basis and I can do bulk changes via csv. It would be much better to have an option to change this based on group membership instead. Otherwise it I would like to see an Administration staff profile added to frog, or even better to make this platform fluid you could give us the ability to create and delete profile types?
  14. Howdy. I just spoke to frog support who said to raise this here. So under the network drive preferences we have a section for setting the home drive path of each user profile type. Admin Govenor Other Parent Student Staff This is problematic as on our site we don't have just 1 location for home drives. See here on our site under AD we separate Teaching Staff from Admin Staff. Admin staff being HR, Attendance, SLT etc and not frog administrators. So whilst all our teachers home drives are located "\\EG-Data01\staff\{username}" all ou
  15. This is brilliant and believe me I will attempt to make good use of this, but its not what I had in mind. Lets take a real world example. Fog 3 had room controls and it was brilliant (then a ms update broke it). I want to re-implement this feature into frogos and this is how I would go about this: Call Frog and plead/beg for them to install a proxy package for centOS. Back up plan, write my own in php or js. Direct student traffic though the proxies port. Create a frog app for the new proxy, with a php back end. Create a mysql db and bit of scripti
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