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With the (relatively) new Markbook app comes the fantastic feature of being able to see if a student has even bothered to open/read an assignment.

I'd like frog to flag up for me all students who are (typically) not opening/reading assignments.

Does the markbook expose an api which when provided with a student uuid (and maybe a date range too) returns a list of all assignments for that student including the flags for viewed/not viewed/completed-on time/completed-late/absent etc. A bit like what Assignment Monitor does when you search for a user, but with the new Markbook flags.

This could be really powerful.


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Sorry, I was off last week enjoying the three days of sun we've been allocated this year :P

At the moment I don't think we have any api's that expose the viewed information, but it I think it would be quite trivial to add one to the existing api's that get student assignment data. I suggest adding it to the idea portal then bugging @Matt to look at getting it put in.

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