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On 29/03/2019 at 11:39, adamw said:

Right, so I've had a look at the code and it seems that to open a site at a certain page you need to do this:


So, the external link for a page is basically the page name with the spaces replaced by dashes - for example: "page 1" will become "page-1"

How you get this page external link easily I don't know, but you could try using the page picker widget preference type and seeing what that returns for you, for example:

 page: {
                type: 'pagepicker',
                label: 'label.page_url',
                defaultValue: JSON.stringify({
                    page_uuid: '',
                    site_uuid: ''

and then using the page uuid that the pref gives you and then making a call to get the page object, which may have the external link name in it.

Sites.Models.Pages.findOne({page_uuid: page.page_uuid}).done(function(data){
	//do something with data here

No idea if that will work, but would be worth a try. If I get a spare moment (ahahahahahahaha) I'll have a look.

Thanks @adamw Must be bug fixing time if a new frog update is about to drop!

This approach seems to cause frog to reload which is a bit weird and you lose the sites already open (including the one with the picture series). Is there a way to modify this code that opens a site?

Frog.Model.api('sites.getByUuid', {
  uuid: uuid
}).done(function(resp) {
    site: resp.data.link,
    page: resp.pages[page-uuid]

If not, what about using just the code to open the site with a timeout to trigger that site's menu changelocation event?

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It uses the same code as the ‘menu’ frog code widget. Do you have this one downloaded? Just wondering if you added this to that page - do you get the same delay?  Second thought is perhaps it’s something about the new crystal theme - try changing theme for a minute and see if the delay persists.  I’ll look at the code again tomorrow to see if anything else comes to light 

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14 hours ago, pconkie said:

Not AWOL, just OFSTED. Anyway frogcode is bust at the moment so waiting for that fix first!

Tell them to do one....  Your Frog Family is more important.....  but yeah the lack of Frog code won't help!! 

Good luck.....  Well done...........  delete where appropriate!! ?

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