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    • By Sue Busher
      I have built our new website on Frog Learn (mobile template) and am in the final stages of testing. Whilst it looks great on screen, when i look at the tablet and mobile , I am having issues with the following:
      Anything using the table widget
      Text widget tables not automatically resize
      Slideshow images not automatically resizing.
      Can anyone advise what I need to do to correct these. Otherwise it is looking really good!
      Thank you in advance
    • By mmclaughlin
      If you haven't figured it out I have found Frog to be a good resource.  One of the issues in the US has been students using their phones in class.  We don't have tablets for each student and we don't want the students on their phones.  (too many privacy issues and security issues, as well as a MAJOR distraction to the learning environment)  We also don't want them using their phones but still would like them to be able to upload a picture through Frog.  So the idea would be to embed Snap or a picture taking program in learn that can be used to upload an image.  
      So with all of this,  I am looking for some votes for this change.
      @Graham Quince @emoseley
    • By Sue Busher
      Now we have new mobile-friendly templates, I was just wondering what you'd recommend in terms of testing the content on all the devices.
    • By Matt
      Hi guys,
      We've created a survey so we can gauge what types of devices are being used by our schools. You can get to it here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/J3GWS5W
      It's a very short survey, and if you can complete it, Graham will be eternally grateful (once he's back from Disneyland) 
    • By krisdan
      @Graham Quince do you know when the boilerplate will be updated with the responsive theme?  I work in a team of 1 (me!) and it would be very helpful for me to get access.
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