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IOS issue


Since updating to the latest iOS, FROG Progress doesn’t work. The app loads, asks for url. It accepts this and moves to login screen. After entering login details, app asks for permission to use FROG ID. Choose accept, then looped back to the frog enter url screen. Infinite loop. Reinstalling the app made no difference. Can still login fine on desktop etc. How can this be rectified?

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Hello Callis,

I hope you are well. 

We recently discovered a very similar (if not the same) issue on the FrogSnap App (iOS), in that the log in was in a loop and kicking you out of the app. This has been raised with our developers who are currently investigating this issue.

As you have advised that this is happening on the iOS FrogProgress App also, it may potentially be a different issue as to why it is happening, so we can investigate this our end.

I will raise a ticket from our ticket system, and email you directly on there as this issue may possibly be bespoke to you, but we will narrow this down and pin point where the issue could be.

Kind regards,





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