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Graham Quince

Visitor Log - UPDATED 26/06/20

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On 30/06/2020 at 10:20, Pete Foulkes said:

Thanks Graham, much appreciated.

Hi @Pete Foulkes

We have identified the issue, unfortunately it appears to be something we can activate for most schools, but not all.  I am going to create a ticket in your name and log a Bug report so that you will be informed when it has been dealt with.


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23 minutes ago, Graham Quince said:

Yes - in the latest version you can alter the data-store reference or you can delete the widget and add a new one.

Or when you install the latest version it wipes any old data anyway...... ?

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Unfortunately with FrogCode, you have to download and install each time there is an update.  The Check for Updates is a bit of a misnomer - in that once upload, you have to select the widget and in the Action Cog choose Update Package. 

I've just added the latest version of the widget to Frome for you.

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Hi @Pete Foulkes

Upgrading will just update the widget for you, you won't have to worry about editing the sites.  

When I took at look at the widgets for a couple of Year 7 students, it looks like they have the Rule on them for Admins only, which means they will not load for students or parents.  The button is only visible to those with Edit & Manage rights so you don't need to hide the widget.  I think you had this last year as well, whichever site was used to create the collection needs to be updated to not have the Rule in place.

EDIT - found the original and deleted the rule for you.

So while you don't need to edit the site for the updated widget, you do need to edit the sites to remove the rule. :(

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