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Career Action Plan - with video

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Hi all,

With the arrival of Frog Academy, I thought I'd share a rather new system we've built in case anyone else wants it. We needed a way for career information to be stored for each student, so we built a template, run the ePortfolio wizard and created 'Career Action Plans'. It allows students to add data about themselves to bring to the career meeting. It only has 5 dummy student accounts at the moment, but we are planning to run it for Years 10 and 11 later this week.

We have used the following:

  • ePortfolio system
  • Set Keyword widget
  • Site List widget
  • Form widget
  • Data Viewer widget
  • Notice Board widget
  • Splash theme
  • Crystal theme

Here is a video explaining it and seeing it in action. Let me know if anyone would like support with setting up and creating something similar. I do tend to talk quite fast on these things, so if there is any points I rushed past, please do pull me up on them!


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