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Super easy image carousel

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I know there is a widget for that, but not as easy as this....

  • Fully responsive
  • upload images direct inside the widget
  • Re-order images with drag and drop
  • Preferences to control speed and transition
  • Experimental option to force the carousel to ignore the theme and take up the full width of the page (works with some but not all themes) 

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Hi John

The cropping is by design actually. The slide show was far too small in portrait on mobile, so I needed to set a minimum height. Once a minimum height is set you have two options: let the browser change the aspect ratio of the images (no thanks!) or crop the edges. You could add some css to the page to alter the min height which would result in less/no cropping.

Re clickable - good idea. Internal frog links are a bit tricky though.

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The height issue is definitely an issue for mobiles and sliders for sure! I was even toying with mobile detection code to serve up a different slider with different formatted pics to make it look nicer but I couldn't find a perfect solution.

External links would be fine - we hardly ever use internal links on website sliders. More relevant for us to send people to documents hosted on Google, external websites and other links outside of Frog.

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Add this to a html widget above the slider

    [data-name="Widget.ImageSlider"].widget-content .slider-container .wrap-slider .slide img {
        min-height: 0px !important;

Nothing will be cropped but the image might get very very small!

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