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Marcus Goluch

Creating a window

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So I am at it again, my next frog widget.

Here I am working inside a html widget prototyping before i take this to frog code.

Now I know the answer to my question is probably use an APP, but there are reasons as to why I will not be using an app for this so please try to avoid that as an answer.


What I need to do is find a way to create a new frog window, like the preferences and users window, from inside of java script simulating an app.

@Graham Quince I will leave this one for you to answer as I am sure you can ask a developer how the javascript code creates these windows clientside, so I am dynamically pump one full of my own awesomeness.


Thanks guys


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So you don't want to build a frogcode app?

I once built a frogcode widget and a  frogcode app. Then got the frogcode widget to open the frogcode app on a button click whenever I needed more space.... You can send additional data from widget to app as it opens so that you can make the app do different things.  This essentially becomes your "window". If you really do not want to use an app, you could look at the framework that I think is running the FrogLearn dialog's (windows) here: https://jqueryui.com/dialog

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Unfortunately that information is not helpful.

See, it looks like frog creates a special canvas layer over the top of frog to witch the windows are parented to. All my attempts of opening a dialog on the canvas yield no usable results.


This means there must be a function somewhere that tells frog to make this canvas and then create the window on top. That is what I am after.


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