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Behaviour Points - Sims updates not reflected in Frog - how do you deal with this?

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I understand how Sims updates behaviour point to Frog and that it is a one way process, so we have to use the Frog Parent Manager to manually delete entries when necessary.

I'd love to know how other schools manage this? If staff don't tell me they have removed behaviour points or updated the record in SIMS then Frog is going to be out of sync with SIMS. We have a lot of historical behaviour points that have been removed form SIMS but are left in Frog and obviously as this is were the parents look for information about the child, they are potential getting incorrect information. Currently we are only showing the total number of points (and even that  cannot be guaranteed to be correct).

The ability to give parents access to information about the child is really useful but not when it is incorrect. Some parents are questioning 'everything' based on the idea that if one thing is wrong how can we be sure anything is correct?






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Hi Ann,

I’ve spoken to our MIS developer Craig, as although it is currently a manual process to update existing Behaviour points in Frog (via the Parent Manager app), he is hoping we can make this happen automatically.

He can’t say when this is likely to be developed, but he is actively looking into this at the moment!

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Hi Ann,

I just have to go in manually and delete behaviour information if it's incorrect, but because my job deals with both behaviour and Frog it's pretty easy for me to manage this on the rare occasions it happens.

I don't really know of any cases where staff have removed achievement points, so this hasn't really been an issue generally speaking.  I did have a case where some staff members used the incorrect category which gave more points than they should have awarded, and again I had to fix these manually, and then doing the manual import as above.

I am very interested that this is being looked at to be an automatic thing though as it would save time, and mean that retrospective information would also be added, if staff haven't added anything on the day itself. Will keep an eye on this thread for more. Thanks

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