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Matthew Snell

Sending Email data viewer

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Hi Everyone, I am creating a leave of absence portal for our staff in the school 

The staff member logs the request using a frog form and can then see their requests using the data viewer. 

There is a hidden field on the form for approval/reject of the request. 


Our business manager then has access to another data viewer in which he can change that hidden field to approved/rejected. 

I then need to send an email when that field is changed to the requester, and the line manager of the member of staff. Does anyone know how to do this bit as I've got stuck at it. 

@Graham Quince 


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@Graham Quince will that send an email to the line manager when the form is submitted.

Only the business manager should see the reason when the form is submitted.

On the returning email, the line manager just needs to receive the requester name, dates, and approval status.

We need to remove the Notes / Reasons part as the line manager shouldn't see this.

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Hi @Matthew Snell - I just used a screenshot from the Academy's HR portal.  

All the contents of the second form will email the line manager.  If you have notes you don't want them to see, it might be better if the Business Manager updates the original form.

Can you post screenshots of both forms, it might help to better answer your question.

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My mistake - when you said second data viewer, I took that to mean a second form.

Unfortunately, I don't think there's any way to restrict the line manager's view so they don't see the hidden fields.  Maybe you could implement a different workflow?  If you did have a second form, the business manager could record the approved leave into that - which would email the line manager.

I'll ask some other schools what they do.  

Anyone else reading this, feel free to chime in

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