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Sue Busher

Crumb trail

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Sorry, yes. It is an additional navigation tool to help users know exactly where they are on a site, show would show something like this at the top of the page:

> Home >School Information > Term Dates 

and all three would be hyperlinks to the relevant section, e.g. 'Home'; 'School Information' and 'Term Dates'


I am sure it was on Frog 3.

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Have you seen @Simon Law's new Navigation widget - it sort of does this in a vertical menu.

The only element of Frog3 which had what you're after was the Webfiles brick and I think the Shared Folders widget gives you a similar look.

Of course, there's always the manual method, using a text widget.  If you start at the further point of the tree, and make the links, you can copy the contents of the text widget and paste into another one and the links remain intact.

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