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S Marcham

Website Cookie Policy and T's & C's for website usage

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I have been asked to find out if we need a cookie policy on our school website? Currently our school website is built in Frog3, I have also been asked if we need some T's and C's for the website usage? Does anyone know anything about these or has any advice? If so I'd appreciate it, many thanks.

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@S Marcham I found a useful tool to track what cookies are being used on our website - search for the Chrome extension 'Attacat Cookie Audit Tool'.

Using this you can record your movements as you navigate your website and it will tell you what cookies you are using and what category they are. It's n0ot perfect but makes for a good start.

If you visit www.holmfirthhigh.co.uk you can see the cookie message and summary I have pulled together (which I hope covers everything but I am no expert in website cookies!)

As with all ICO guidance it includes a lot of technical lingo that you have to sift through so I also just looked at a number of businesses we work with including Frog to get some inspiration.

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Okay, thank you for the responses, I will try that Chrome extension and have used this site from Matt:  http://www.cookie-checker.com I'm no cookie expert either, I know there are general policies,out there (I have looked at lots of websites!) but I also thought you had to list any specific cookies that you know are being used, so wanted to make sure I am doing this correctly or the the best of my knowledge! Thanks

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