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Marcus Goluch

Saving Data in a widget for user.

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Hi Chris,

Possibly in the next release (don't hold me to it) - we've added a new FDP datastore endpoint - that lets you do as you have specified - add, edit, delete, retrieve data on a per user per widget basis. The backend parts of it were added as part of another project, but I thought that people may like this functionality, so I added some new FDP endpoints.

We need to wait for that to be released before that becomes available to you.

Having said that, there's nothing stopping you saving this data to your own servers, and retrieving it as required.  The FDP endpoints should make your life easier though - when they are available.


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16 hours ago, mmclaughlin said:

@Adam Will this be added to the text activity code to prevent the loss of data when students are answering questions?



Personally, I wasn't aware there was a problem with students losing data from text-activity widgets. I'll have a word with @Graham Quince and see what the score is. To answer your question - this is separate from that, so wouldn't affect it.

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3 hours ago, Chris Goluch said:

What is FDP exactly is that php for apps and widgets?


FDP stands for Frog Developer Platform. Basically It's a set of API's (ways of requesting data from your Frog system) that are available for you to use. The easiest way is to use these endpoints is via either a HTML widget, or using FrogCode. You create a request to one of these endpoints in Javascript, pass some parameters and will get a data response back. Your widget then can use this data in whatever way it needs.

For example, you may want to get some user data from the system, so you'd make your widget request data from the fdp/user/get endpoint,

I'm pretty sure that @Graham Quince has a stash of tutorials floating around if you wanted more information :)

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