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Network Widget CSS Modification

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Is modifying the Network Widget with CSS going to pose any security problems?

I have created a site that is colour-coded in a three column layout; Teaching Slides, Classwork Resources, Homework Resources. The Network widget as it stands, while providing staff the easiest way to upload to the VLE, does not fit in with the look of the site so I have used the following code on the page;

    .resources.view-list {
        background-color: #CBBFE2;
     .resources.view-icon {
        background-color: #CBBFE2;
    .theme-headerbg {
        display: none;

Is there any problems that people can envisage?

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Hi Graham, thanks for the reply.

It is as I thought, however I just wanted to be sure I wasn't compromising the integrity of security features.

The first picture is the Homepage of the site Business and Computing which shows the colour coded format for each subject area.

The second picture is what happens when a user clicks on the Business GCSE 2017. They then get taken to all the units within that subject - this picture shows the unit Business Start up & Growth.

The third shows the different colour used for the Computing section, with the colour being shown in both list and icon view.






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