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Folder Icons

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The icon image is hard coded into FrogLearn I'm afraid, although CSS can come to the rescue here.   

As with any element in FrogLearn, if you right-click on a folder and choose "Inspect Element" you see the final HTML used to generate the folder


With a bit of practice, you can spot the CSS class which sets the look of the element.  In this case it's os-icon-ext-resources-folder, so if we then add an HTML widget to the primary dashboard we can do something like this:

.os-icon-ext-resources-folder {
    background: url('image-url.jpg?width=150&height=150') !important;

  • You will have to upload your own image to a shared area in Frog (I couldn't get color overlay to work)
  • It's always worth adding ?width=150&height=150 to the URL as this triggers Frog to create a smaller image - rather than use a huge picture for a tiny icon
  • !important was needed as it forced the style sheet to overwrite the orginal.  Unfortunately IE does not respond to !important

If you do get something working, please post a screenshot here - it might inspire others and I'll show the product team


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