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HELP with some codes

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I am a novice coder at best.  I would love to crowd source something.  


We are coming up to the testing season in Maryland, USA.  The administration would love for us to be able to send out a notification to students who are testing which room they are going to be in.  They would like it to be personalized with the student's name the test and the room number.  I can create an excel document with this information, and I may be able to get the students Google ID or their FrogID incorporated on the list.  

My thoughts:

Use html on the dashboard to query a table that has the information.  If the Frog ID is = to the FrogID on the table then it send them a message with

"(Student Name), you are going to be taking the (Test name) on (Test Date) in Room (Test Room)"

How would I go about doing this, and could be make this a FrogCode widget for testing?



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This could certainly be done via a FrogCode widget. You would need your data stored on a server somewhere that your FrogCode app can access, but it doesn't sound like a super hard problem. The hardest part will be getting the data back from your server. the rest is just some display code.

This sounds like one for @Graham Quince

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