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Can I create new teacher accounts before the start of the year? (Updated)

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You can create accounts for new staff in the regular way using the Users app and the new user button.  When the new academic year starts, there is an option in the Action Cog to reassign the MIS link to the account you created earlier.

Once the new academic year starts, find the newly created account for the staff member, the new one will have a tick in the MIS column:


And in the Action Cog, look for Reassign MIS Link.

This pop-up will open:


Frog will do its best to identify the appropriate account to switch to, but you can also search for the user in the Assign to search box.

Once completed, you can archive the now un-needed account.



Automatic importing is also possible (with a few steps) if SIMS

The SIMS extractor does include an option for pre-admissions for staff, students and parents.  However, Frog creates these accounts as Inactive.

To use effectively, you need to follow these steps:

  • Check the box for pre-admission in the extractor
  • Once an import has run, uncheck the box - if the checkbox remains checked, the accounts will become Inactive at next import.
  • Export all users (or just parents....) via the Users app and amend the CSV to make the accounts Active.
  • Import this CSV



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Added the Pre-Admission guide
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