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Basic List of Staff

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So many ideas but many of them start from the basis of having a filterable list of teaching staff.....for example: a list of all teachers of year 8.

This code generate a list of all staff (teachers and admin staff)


It returns some useful data 


But nothing that would easily allow me to get a list of teaching staff, let alone teachers of a particular year group. groups_concatenated looked promising in the json returned (see above) but it is always null.

@adamw @Chris.Smith @Graham Quince is there a parameter in the above api that will fill the groups_concatenated? 



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Hey there, 


Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. We're swamped here at the moment! Getting all those new shiny things into Frog ;)

The only way I can think to do this, is to create a new group called 'Teaching Staff' - get that groups UUID, and then use that in the api request. This will then bring back the group members for that group. You would have to manually maintain this group however. 

I was also looking into if you could do this via the group leaders (it's possible that the group leaders are teachers, but you'd have to get all groups out, all members then search for leaders.... it would be a pain, and not at all performant (and I haven't tested it, so it may not work at all).

I'll have a look to see if it is possible to add something in the future that will allow us to get 'allgroupleaders' or something like that. It's possible that will get you closer to what you want. Unfortunately there's no way currently to split that down further into year groups - we simply don;'t have that data available in the system.

I'll keep thinking about this, and will update you if I get a better idea.

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@adamw Thanks for that. 

I can use promises to combine two api calls to build the object I want. However frog doesn’t seem to import all the group leaders from the mis! For example it is very common across the country for most sixth form classes to be shared between two teachers which is what we do. But only one of the teachers is imported into the group and marked as the leader. Any plans to include all teachers of a group in the mis import?

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Also, Craig (senior dev) has just sent me this:


I don't believe we have any APIs at the moment that does exactly what Paul's after, but we should do soon,  I'll at doing some new APIs that allows for people to get basic info out about groups.

However in the meantime, could the fdp.timetables.fetchtimetable be of any use.  It will give you all the timetable lessons, and so staff, for a user.


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