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Can I display FrogPlay leaderboards on my Digital Signage?

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We want to run internal competitions using FrogPlay quizzes, but it appears the leaderboards are only available inside FrogPlay.  Is there a way I can post these to the school's TVs / Whiteboards without needing to screenshot them?

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The Leaderboards in FrogPlay are a really simple way to drive engagement, but are often overlooked.

Here's a guide about what they show:  https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training-play/mini-guides-1/play-leaderboards

And yes, you can share the leaderboards in your school.  You'll need to contact the service desk for the school code, but when you do, you'll be provided with a web address similar to this:


This page initially displays a list of all the commands you can send to the leaderboard.  Schools running fixed time competitions can use the from and to dates to control the scores displayed.




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