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Doug Bellman

Trying to find a Shortcut keys list


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3 hours ago, Doug Bellman said:



Is there an up to date list of keyboard shortcuts for Frog?




Hi Doug

Please have a look at our up to date list, which is  located on our company website here

This is the full URL to the keyboard shortcuts, if that hyper link above does not work for you - https://www.frogeducation.com/community/tutorials/keyboard-shortcuts

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I was actually putting something together for my staff, there are some changes to the official list. The below keystrokes are correct in my experience;

1 - navigate to 1st dashboard
2 - navigate to 2nd dashboard
3 - navigate to 3rd dashboard
h - toggle home button (shows dashboards navigation when already home - will hide apps and websites if they are open and return home)
n - toggle plus (+) button 'Create a new'
f - navigate to global search
q - toggle quick launch
t - toggle 'MyFrog' button
Esc – closes menu or other overlays (quick launch, MyFrog etc.)
m – maximise / "minimise" (resize) application
s – switches between open applications and sites
x double tap - close application or site

*** a - no longer toggles app tray ***

*** n - no longer toggles notifications ***


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