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Graham Quince

Useful Chrome Extensions

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I have a set of Chrome extensions that I use almost daily.  And then do my best to share that with everybody else and I thought I might be a good idea to create a forum post.

Here's mine:

  • ColorZilla - gives me a browser based colour picker, making it really easy to select a colour from the webpage to then use with Frog's colour settings in the Text widget and Blank Space widget.
  • Clear Cache - a simple button to force a cleared-cache refresh of the browser, which isn't always obvious in Chrome.  I use this quite a bit when testing with FrogCode.  It also comes in handy if we update icons.
  • Page Ruler Redux - a godsend if you're trying to line up widgets in different columns.  Adding in Blank Space widgets and using this extension you can get the exact height needed in pixels.
  • GoFullPage - I've found this recently, as it works great for taking long page screenshots of any website and works well with Frog sites.
  • View Image Info - Not as needed with Frog as with other websites, but it's a really useful way to get the actual width and height of images and their file sizes.


Do you use these, or have you better options or other extensions?  

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Accessibility Extensions

I thought I'd make this a separate post and collate over time:

  • Read Aloud - I've only recently found this one, but it reads highlighted text on a web page.
  • Google Translate - Not really accessibility, but it adds Google Translations to any web page, so the user is not reliant on the website for translation.
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