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Change the stickers on Feedback

Graham Quince

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Anyone want to have different stickers?  This CSS hack lets you update the feedback stickers with your own.  

Just edit this image, upload it to your Frog and place this CSS in an HTML widget on everyone's first dashboard.

feedback stickers.png

.fbk-app-icons-wand, .fbk-app-icons-wand.active,
.fbk-app-icons-question, .fbk-app-icons-question.active,
.fbk-app-icons-ebi, .fbk-app-icons-icons.active,
.fbk-app-icons-genie, .fbk-app-icons-genie.active,
.fbk-app-icons-wand-medium, .fbk-app-icons-wand-medium.active,
.fbk-app-icons-question-medium, .fbk-app-icons-question-medium.active,
.fbk-app-icons-ebi-medium, .fbk-app-icons-icons-medium.active,
.fbk-app-icons-genie-medium, .fbk-app-icons-genie-medium.active,

.fbk-app-icons-wand-small, .fbk-app-icons-wand-small.active,
.fbk-app-icons-question-small, .fbk-app-icons-question-small.active,
.fbk-app-icons-ebi-small, .fbk-app-icons-icons-small.active,
.fbk-app-icons-genie-small, .fbk-app-icons-genie-small.active,

.fbk-app-icons-smile, .fbk-app-icons-smile.active,
.fbk-app-icons-star, .fbk-app-icons-star.active,
.fbk-app-icons-thumb, .fbk-app-icons-thumb.active,
.fbk-app-icons-www, .fbk-app-icons-www.active,

.fbk-app-icons-smile-medium, .fbk-app-icons-smile-medium.active,
.fbk-app-icons-star-medium, .fbk-app-icons-star-medium.active,
.fbk-app-icons-thumb-medium, .fbk-app-icons-thumb-medium.active,
.fbk-app-icons-www-medium, .fbk-app-icons-www-medium.active,

.fbk-app-icons-smile-small, .fbk-app-icons-smile-small.active,
.fbk-app-icons-star-small, .fbk-app-icons-star-small.active,
.fbk-app-icons-thumb-small, .fbk-app-icons-thumb-small.active,
.fbk-app-icons-www-small, .fbk-app-icons-www-small.active {
        background-image: url("FILE URL - REPLACE") !important;


  • Make sure the image is on a site shared with everyone.  Adding the image to a file drop or text widget is the easiest way to get the image URL (just remember to remove the ?mode=download&size=original
  • Remember to update the web address if you change the image
  • For some reason, the image reverts to the original as you drag it, but snaps back to the new one when you let it go.



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Here's a couple of other hacks around Feedback and Assignments you might like:


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