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An icon to show pupils have made a file drop for markbook.

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Hi there,

I think only the notifications for if a student has made a file drop currently exists. My colleagues and I would greatly appreciate an icon to represent a file drop has been made in the markbooks. Currently the green or greyed-out tick system doesn't specifically let us know if a file has been submitted by the student unless we click to open each one.

Would it be possible in the near future for this to become a feature?

Frog is an excellent platform, and we would very much like to maximize its efficiency for us as language teachers. 


Thank you so much,

Kind regards,


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Hi Megan,

You're not the first person to ask for this feature.  It is a little tricky if pupils are handing in work but not actually uploading.  One solution we've come up with is the Assignment Activity Hand-in report Frogcode widget:


Which was designed with pastoral staff in mind to be able to view individual students, their assignments and whether they were handing in work across all their subjects.

One question I would ask you about the icon change you describe, is that if students hand in their assignment without uploading work to the filedrop, you still need to return the assignment to them to complete, so knowing that before opening the assignment doesn't seem like there's much benefit.  

This idea on the ideas portal addresses the issue another way:

Filedrop - reminder for pupils prior to 'Handing in' if nothing has been uploaded https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-1420

Please feel free to log your suggestion on the ideas portal.  Our product team run that environment, which ties directly into the product management software they use.

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