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Dawn Spears

Using files within the assets folder

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I'm not sure of the best way to access the assets within my widgets assets folder. For example, if I have an image that I want to display on a canvas, I can use the following:

imageObj.src = "https://disraeli-bucks.frogos.net/app/file/resource/10E354602003064E38AADFB27ECC0A08B6D928AC51D3E2CA?1506677717";

To reference the image and it will display correctly. However if I use something like

imageObj.src = "assets/rhino.jpg";

nothing will display.


Is it necessary to use the full URL each time or am I being a bit daft?

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When I wanted a sound effect to play for the activity timer, i ended up using:


var baseURL=Frog.Utilities.getBaseUrl();


to point to the file.  I also had to publish the widget once, so get the file in the correct location.   Once there, i was able to continue editing my code and use the file.

@Chris.Smith knows more about it than I do though

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    • By Natasha Din-Gabisi
      Hi all
      I am new to this forum and am trying to modify the masonary gallery so that it displays the images in a slideshow but I'm having real problems.  Go easy on me I'm a newbie!  So my first approach is this but it doesn't work
      My second approach would be to upload a slider.js .  I tried uploading the file to the widget but I can't so where do I upload it?
      Com.Frog.Controllers.Widget.extend('Widget.Carousel', {
          }, {
              prefs: {
                  selectFolder: {
                      type: "sharedfolder",
                      defaultValue: "|"
              packageID: '5974C4D12001B59B10329F5A6600A10004F91B0C18A6DDA8',
               * Constructor. Runs when the widget is first loaded.
               * @method init
              init: function() {},
               * Event fired by the Site Controller.
               * @event 'widget.live'
              'widget.live': function(el, ev, data) {
                 var selectedFolderUUID = this.prefs.selectFolder.value;
                 selectedFolderUUID = selectedFolderUUID.substring(0, selectedFolderUUID.indexOf('|')); 
                  if (selectedFolderUUID !== '') {
                              .api('resources.getOfType', {
                                  sources: ["native","site"],
                                  type: 'personal',
                                  author: 'true',
                                  root_folder: 'EDAAA0E92002F81B92C2DFCD917CAC05E532634CEE5FEBD9',
                                  folder: selectedFolderUUID,
                                  filter: null,
                                  exclude_templates: 'true'
                              }).done(function(response) {
                               var fileArray = $.map(response.data.resources, function(el) { return el; });
                                  $.each(fileArray, function(index, value){
                                      if (value.attachment.file.mime.type === 'image') {
                                          var newImg = $('<div class="img-item ' + '" data-image-title="' + value.attachment.name + '" data-updated-at="' + value.attachment.updated + '">                              <img src="file/asset/' + value.uuid + '.' + value.attachment.file.mime.ext + '?height=800&width=800&scale_mode=fill"></div>');
                                          thisElement.find('.slide').append( newImg );
                              $('#right-arrow').click(function() {
                              var currentSlide = $('.slide.active');
                              var nextSlide = currentSlide.next();
                              if(nextSlide.length == 0) {
                              var currentSlide = $('.slide.active');
                              var prevSlide = currentSlide.prev();
                              if(prevSlide.length == 0){
       <div class="content"> 
      <div id ="slide">
         <div class="slide"></div>     
          <p id ="left-arrow"> Next </p>
          <p id="right-arrow"> Prev </p>
      Thanks in advance for your help.
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