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File drops and Progression charts

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ok, so our staff are starting to use the Progression Charts to upload evidence and this is going reasonably well.

We are not a school as such but an alternative provision and each student has their own site (workspace) shared with staff working with them. Quite often the student will upload completed work into a File Drop widget in their workspace. Staff want to use this as evidence in the Progression Charts. It seems that the only way to do this is to download it then re-upload it in the Progression Chart which is a bit of a faff. Is there an easier way to send it from the file drop/workspace site to the progression chart?The files in question are mainly word docs which the student will have done on a laptop. We would still want the evidence to be in the workspace site as it serves as their portfolio and allows all staff working with them access to it.

All ideas gratefully received :)




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Hi @smackie2 great question!

One possible solution I can think of, is to switch from using the File Drop widget on the workspace, and make use of the Shared Folders Widget. This would mean you'll need to do a bit of setting up in FrogDrive to ensure there are folders shared with the student correctly, and so other students can't access their workspace folders (which we can help with).




If you are then adding the work to the Shared Folder widget / directly in the FrogDrive, this will mean that the files are all readily available for the Teacher to select from when adding evidence in the Progression Charts app:




Then navigate to the folder that is being used by the student and teacher to add work to, and select the relevant documents, and click use:




Would that work for you??

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Just now, smackie2 said:

Thanks @Matt that would be perfect solution :D - now if that could be built into the forthcoming Portfolio creator @Graham Quince has been talking about that would really make my day ;)


The ePortfolio creator takes a site as it's starting point, so you'll be able to do this.

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