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Sixth form dashboard - possible?

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You don't need a separate profile (which is fortunate, as you currently can't have one), but you can use Rules and Page themes to create a different environment for your Year 12 and Year 13 students.


The video below talks about using the Nested Frog page widget - I'd suggest using the Embed Site widget since we introduced that widget.


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    • By Graham Quince
      Just been asked by a school if they could have an alert when their policies page is visited.  The Email API requires a logged in user, but the Form widget does not.  Using this code in an HTML widget with a Form on the page, you can auto-submit the form and trigger an email:
      <script> setTimeout(function(){ $('.btn-success').click(); }, 5000); </script> <style> div[data-content-uuid="FORM_WIDGET_UUID"] { /* Hides the form from view */ display: none !important; } </style>  
    • By Stuart Green
      We would like to create a widget for displaying achievement point totals/leaderboards in a similar format to PictoChart (Which we currently manually update via google sheets).
      The information is available in SIMS so it would save schools time and effort and be an excellent way for students to engage with Frog. 
      I have pasted a copy of the points page (with PiktoCharts) to help describe what we are after. They are also nicely animated! Does anyone have the skills to be able to attempt something in Frog Academy?

    • By Tom
      Dear Service Desk
      I have a staff calendar on my staff landing page, but some staff members can view the calendar, and some cannot - how do I fix this?
    • Guest Edd
      By Guest Edd
      Hi there,
      At Frog we have recently introduced something called Frog Templates!
      What are these? These are free resource sites that schools can use as a new site, then edit and share amongst your users on your own school platform (FrogLearn).
      Why use these? to save time and give you ideas and a starting point!
      At Frog, myself & @Graham Quince have constructed the following site templates for you to utilise (see screenshot below).

      In order to create a site on your platform using one of these new templates, from within FrogDrive --> Sites, click the blue "New Site" button. On Step 1 of the site creation process click on "frog Templates on the left hand side then select a template and continue through the normal site creation process.

      Any questions on these please let us know! FYI, currently working on Extra Curricular Club, Careers, Revision Portal & SEN - Independent Education Area.
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