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Marcus Goluch

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Hi all,

I know this is on the back burner, but i thought i would compile a list of issues that I feel the frog code editor needs addressing.


  • Users can not delete a project in frog code once created. This leaves a huge mess of abandoned projects.
  • Deleting or creating a new file will collapse the entire directory tree, this is extremely frustrating.
  • The Code console assumes that a string value will be returned. If you return a number you will be given an error from toString(). If you run a line that provides no return value then it will still attempt to cast that null to string causing an error.
  • Malformed Javascript errors do not provide any context or trace details to help debug the cause.
  • Altering certain ejs templates will completely break a project with out giving an error. Even after returning to default code the widget will still be broken.
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I agree with these points, plus:

Changes to css files currently require the project to be re-deployed to take effect (this didn’t used to be the case).

While frogcode now loads a lot faster than before, if you open a project and then another before the files for the first have appeared you end up with the files  for both projects inside the second folder.

The toast notification that the project has been saved gets in the way of the run button!

No search/find facility or ability to collapse/expand sections of code.

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