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Staff and/or students can't see their calendars

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Method 1: 

Check the calendar settings and make sure that the users unable to see the calendar do in fact have access to it. Whoever created the calendar will have access to its settings. 

Go to the Calendar application (located in your Frog Drive by default) and find the calendar that has the issue and select the small white arrow icon next to it, you will see "Calendar Settings" and a button to share with other users, please make sure the affected users are withing this sharing list.

Method 2:

Make sure the users do have access to view the dashboard or site that the calendar is on. You can check this by first locating the dashboard or site and selecting the "Share" button on the FrogBar, you will normally see this button in the top left hand corner of your screen once you are on the site. 

Once you are on the sharing options, make sure that the users affected have "Can View" option selected - this grants the user access to view whatever is on the dashboard/site.

Please note: this is the same process for students too, not just staff.

If the two above methods do not solve your issue, please contact the Service Desk at servicedesk@frogeducation.com so we can assist you.

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