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OK so we have been using 0365 for a while....  at home we can download install the O365 apps...  or use it online!!!  We currently have Office 2016 on the school machines and can use O365 online!!

We are looking in to make the environments the same at home and at school....  but our network team are saying we cant just install the O365 apps at school we would have to move to Office 2019???

Has anyone got O365 installed at school across your network?


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4 hours ago, pconkie said:

Sorry, we are still on 2016 like you.

Worth a shot!!  2016 doesn’t let you collectively live edit files on OneDrive....  and we are thinking if we moved to O365 the BTEC ICT kids would have the same version of Access at home as school to practice for their 6hr database exam!! 

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49 minutes ago, pconkie said:

A 6hr database exam..... sounds like the best day ever!

Not if the kids haven’t practiced...  hence the idea of having the same software at home as in school!! ?. These are BTEC kids after all!!!

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