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Sue Busher


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I've found a great site for managing events more effectively but when I try to embedd the code into HTML widget it is blank. I suspect it needs additional code around it for it to work. Would someone be able to advise please?

Code is:

<div data-tockify-component="calendar" data-tockify-calendar="events.kennet"></div>
<script data-tockify-script="embed" src="https://public.tockify.com/browser/embed.js"></script>

Thanks in advance


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Hi Sue,

This won't be working as to prevent Cross Site Scripting attacks, we actively remove <script> tags from the HTML Widget; there is of course a way around this.

<div data-tockify-component="calendar" data-tockify-calendar="events.kennet"></div>
    var $script = $(document.createElement('script'));

    $script.attr('data-tockify-script', 'embed')
        .attr('src', 'https://public.tockify.com/browser/embed.js');

Here we are manually creating the script element. We have to do this, as the HTML Widget uses a regex which removes instances of '<script>' and '</script>'. This is also why we can't use jQuery to create the element for us.


Hope this helps


~ Chris

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