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Can I see last year's Markbooks?

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Markbooks are based on your current MIS classes.  Once a new academic year starts, the old classes are flagged up as archived and removed from Frog.  Viewing markbooks from previous years is possible though.

Side Note

You can always export your existing markbooks using the Export to CSV option in the Action Cog

If last year's groups still exist in Frog, then from the main Markbooks page, use the Year Roller to view last year:



If the groups no longer exist, or the students have been removed from those groups, you can still view their assignments by using the Year Roller on a current class' markbook.  This will show you all the subject assignments from last year for the students in the current class.

If this year's classes are different from last year and you wish to view last year's class, then you will need to use Groups & Policies to create a new class and populate it with the students you wish to view (any Staff Profile can do this).  Once you have the class reassembled, you can then create a new markbook for that class and use the Year Roller to view the markbook and assignments.

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