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How can I display a Google Calendar in Frog?

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It is certainly possible to embed Google Calendars into Frog pages using the HTML widget.

Step 1

In Google Calendar, select the calendar you wish to embed, and click on the menu link (three vertical dots)

google calendars.PNG

Step 2

Choose the option Settings and sharing


Step 3

In the page which opens, scroll down until you see Integrate calendar

This section of the Calendar settings provides embed code.  Copy this code to your clipboard.  

Note the customise options, you can choose how the calendar looks and which elements you wish to display.



Step 4

Add an HTML widget to your Frog page and paste in the code copied in Step 3.

Guide to the HTML widget



Make sure your calendar is published correctly, so that those are are meant to see it will do, otherwise it will not display unless the user is logged into Google.

As with all 3rd-party solutions, this information is correct at time of writing, but if Google choose to remove this feature, there is nothing Frog can do about it.

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