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Graham Quince

FrogCode widget - My Notifications - UPDATED 1/4/21

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Based on requests from several schools and built with Tollbar Trust, My Notifications allows you to created a filtered list of just the Frog Notifications you are interested in.


notification settings.PNG


my notifications.PNG


There is a second widget on the page, which if included on an ePortfolio will send a notification to the ePortfolio recipient to let them know.  The notification uses the FDP to send the message - which might require enabling in Groups and Policies


Pressing the button sends a generic.generic notification to the user, but the My Notifications widget can interpret this into a message and link.



Just letting you know that we spotted a bug in this widget yesterday.  A really simple fix, but it's probably worth updating.  The download link is updated.


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1 hour ago, Graham Quince said:

Ah, can you try again.  Updated the widget - it wasn't the latest version

Seems to be all good now ... when I click on a notification and it takes me to the assignment, it seems to freeze though.

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18 hours ago, Graham Quince said:

I've just published an update to this widget, which include more message options, works for staff as well as students and uses colour icons.



notification settings.PNG

What no CSS option for the title???  You're slacking @Graham Quince 😜

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4 minutes ago, Graham Quince said:

*You're 😝

I've never claimed to be good at "onglerish" that's why I teach IT!! 😜

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