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Embedding Quizzes

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Hi All,


I was at the fantastic Frog17 conference last week and observed the lessons that people had been able to create on sites in Frog. This then got me thinking about how you take that to the next 'level' and embed your assessment into these directly. The quizzes in frog are a big feature of how pupils can access the learning and meet KPI's. How impressive would it be if after going through a lesson on Frog they could complete the relevant quiz that would have been assigned to pupils anyway but all on the same site. They would have their starter, core lesson content, extension tasks, plenary work all culminating into the ability to complete the quiz which would then directly go as evidence to that KPI.

Maybe this is an impossible vision or maybe not? Coders out there...is this possible? You'd just have the quiz feature without the games element. Is it just me that thinks this would be pretty awesome?

Any thoughts more than welcome or if anyone can actually do this better still!

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I may be being a bit slow on the uptake....  but cant you already do that??  Create a site...  with your lesson content on....  include your quizzes etc...  and then assign the site???

Or am I missing something?



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1 hour ago, Graham Quince said:

We posted at the same time.

Unfortunately, you can only assign quizzes from Progression Charts to get the evidence back automatically.  Assigning a site isn't linked to the chart in the same way

Ah...  so this is a sending the data back to Frog Progress issue.... something we don't have so didn't realise it didn't!!

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      Has anyone else encountered this problem on a similarly sized device?   We use the 11-inch MacBook Air and iPad.  When we make a quick assignment (specifically using Google Assignment)  the "Hand In" button is below the bottom of the screen with no ability to scroll down.   Since students are not Handing in the work the teacher has to access student work using the cumbersome back door through Google. This also affects iPads.   For quizzes. assigned directly from FrogDrive or through quick assignments we have the same problem, especially on iPads.  I was wondering why my numbers were so low at elementary since we were pushing the Championships.  Turnes out teachers had no interest since reports did not show because students literally could not hand in the quiz. 
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      @Graham Q ? ?
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      When creating a question in a quiz the box is of a limited height making it hard to work with larger paragraph based questions. Increasing the text box size or having the option to drag the box to a larger size would be very useful for staff.
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