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Graham Quince

Need opinions - To Do list

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Can it have:

The ability for the 'Add' button to be turned off. We could use this for student so we can add a list of coursework tasks, but they can't add anything to it.

The ability for things to be 'ticked off/completed'' and remain on the list, but maybe greyed out?

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35 minutes ago, Graham Quince said:

Thanks @gbligh

follow up question - for the to do list as currently coded, someone would have to add the items per individual.  Are you wanting a checklist that is written once and then everyone signs off?

We have 2 use cases:

  • One which is per individual - probably for staff
  • One which can be added for everyone (maybe on an portfolio) which has the same options for everyone, but can be ticked off individually. If that makes sense?
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For a personal To Do list (Staff/Student)...  you would want the ability to  add, delete, edit and tick off items

For a Staff Member (Shared)...  you might want to same but for a group of staff to have the ability to manipulate a shared list widget?

For a Student for tasks given by staff..  you might want to be able to populate an individual's list via a group membership...  but the student would be able to tick things off.

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22 hours ago, Graham Quince said:

it came very close, but all the extra requirements you added meant it was becoming too difficult to debug - so I gave up.  Sorry.

Blinking @gbligh always spoiling it for the rest of us!! 😜

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