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Sue Busher

Staff Directory

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Has anyone created a staff directory? We have one which is just a site by department that shows the staff, their photo and an email address. We embed the relevant page into our pupil subject sites.

However, it doesn't have a search and is quite clunky - e.g. we have to list each teacher based on what subject they teach more than once. Does anyone have anything similar? I know some schools add the list to their websites of teachers and email addresses.

Just after a way of improving what we have, so ideally we only have one entry for each member of staff, but allocate them to 'show' if they are a teacher of that particular subject.

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Hi @Sue Busher,

When you mentioned Search, I thought of this tutorial from the Radclyffe School.   It's HTML code to search a forum:


Each teacher could have their own thread, with their departments listed in the thread.


You could use a form and the data-viewer which has search built-in.  I could probably help with HTML to hide columns you don't want to see.


You could use the ePortfolios to create a site per staff member.  Staff could have a direct link to their to update with their details and Site List widgets could be used to list all staff, they have search built in AND you could include a department staff list on each page.  You could add extra value using this as each teacher could create a page for each of their classes and drop resources onto them.  Then their students can know to go to their teacher's site to access what they need!

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They all sound interesting. What I would like to continue to do (as this works well) is to embed say all the English teachers into the Subject sites 'Help' page. This often gets mentioned in Social Media threads.

If you have a look at our staff directory, I'd be interested in seeing what you think.

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Had a quick look.  You've got all the staff in table widgets, with the photos, names, job descriptions and email links. 

There's not much you can do to a table widget unfortunately.  Tables in the Text widget are more flexible.  You can add CSS classes, but that would mean redoing the whole lot.   If you did use an individual table for each teacher, (you can copy and paste tables into Text widgets) you could then use classes to control visibility/display from a central source.   When you nest this into the Maths department, you could then have only tables with CSS maths visible using an HTML widget.

Having said that - seeing as you'd have to redo all the contacts, you might be better off either using the ePortfolio option - where you're giving staff more functionality or using some of the APIs to list the information from the Users database automatically.

I've just grabbed this code from the "Who had filled in my form?" widget - haven't test, but I think this gets you close:

                    Frog.Model.api('groups.getMembers', {
                        uuid: groupUUID, /* You can get this using the dev console, assuming you have department groups */
                        ignore_profiles: 'true'
                    }).done(function(staffResponse) {
                        var members = staffResponse.data;
                        $.each(members, function(index1,member) {

                            var displaynameorder = member.forename+' '+member.surname;
                       /* use console.log(member) to get email address and picture etc..., then use append to list. */



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