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Help please! Change colour of menu text

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I'm getting very frustrated when putting a background image on the mobile 250 theme and then finding that I can't change the text colour of the menu and Site Name from white to a darker colour. I'm sure it must be fairly easy to achieve using HTML widget/CSS but I'm no expert and really struggling. Could someone give me a few pointers please? I'm pretty sure all I need to do is something along the lines of CSS ....<style> ... color .... UUID ....



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Hi @smackie2

If you right-click on any part of FrogLearn and choose Inspect Element, you can see how the element is laid out in HTML, along with their CSS classes.  It's kinda hard for me to double-check right now, but looking at mobile 250, you should see this for the menu:

<div class="ui-theme-freesmallbanner-menuline">
	<div class="ui-theme-freesmallbanner-nav">
   		<div data-attr="site-menu" data-level="full" class="main-menu sites_menu">

So, if we add an HTML widget with the following code:

  .ui-theme-freesmallbanner-menuline {

You should get a semi-transparent, dark background to the menu.  Of course, this will apply to all sites with that class on, so if you add this to a dashboard, all mobile 250 sites will pick this up.  

I know our inhouse designers are working on variations of the mobile 250 theme, as we've had a lot of feedback, but I don't have an ETA


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