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How can I log in as a parent to check what they are seeing?

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Our students and staff profiles both use Active Directory as their login authentication, but our parent accounts use Frog.  When I get parents contacting me about issues on the parent portal, I have no way to log in as them, unless I change their password - which the parents find irritating.

When I need to log in as a student or member of staff I can change their authentication type temporarily to Frog and log in as them.  Is there a similar option for parent accounts?



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There is a workaround I can suggest - although it is a workaround.

  1. Create an account on your Active directory for a test parent, e.g. username = testparent and set a password in AD for them.
  2. When you need to login as a parent, open the Users app and switch their authentication type to Active Directory.
  3. Change their username to testparent and save.
  4. Open a new browser or incognito mode and use the testparent credentials to login.

When you've finished, switch the parent's authentication type back to Frog and set the username back to the parent account.  The password does not need to be changed and the parent can log in as before.

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