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Graham Quince

jQuery upgrade might affect FrogCode

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Hi everyone,

In the next release, we’re updating jQuery to a newer version.  There’s a slight issue in that jQuery has deprecated some areas of its code and as a result, code you might be using today may not run after we upgrade to the faster, more adaptable version of jQuery.  I’m stressing ‘may’ because the majority of code will be fine.  We’ll take care of updating the widgets currently shared on the Community – although you will need to download and install the new version.   I’ll post updates here as they get published. 

If you’ve created your own widgets (and not shared them for whatever reason) then this page lists the changes:


This upgrade will also affect any jQuery you have running in HTML widgets, so it’s worth checking through those too.

Please feel free to post here if you need any advice or have questions / concerns.

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Just one more thing and all will be fixed and back working....

The CKEDITOR is no longer loaded when frog first opens.  So my app (which sends messages to parents about detentions)  breaks unless I open up something that uses the editor first. This is the code which was working in the last release to render the Ckeditor in a widget.

steal.import('public/js/libs/ckeditor/ckeditor').then(function() {
  CKEDITOR.config.skin = "frogos";
  CKEDITOR.disableAutoInline = true;
  CKEDITOR.config.allowedContent = true;
  CKEDITOR.config.scayt_sLang = 'en_GB';
  CKEDITOR.config.scayt_autoStartup = true;
  CKEDITOR.config.removePlugins = 'elementspath';
  CKEDITOR.config.resize_enabled = false;
  CKEDITOR.config.height = 260;

I've tried a few things, but no luck. I get error message in the console - CKEDITOR is not defined. How can i load the editor when needed?


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On 11/12/2019 at 18:35, pconkie said:

The client side tabler sorter seems to have been removed in Beethoven.  In the past $(this).tablersorter() used to turn any table into a sortable table.  Has this been replaced with anything? and if so how can I use it to get this functionality back?

Hi Paul,

I've spoken to one of the developers about this and this has been moved.  This is no loanger with FrogOS initially, (to improve loading times).  There is a way to load it afterwards, unfortunately, I've been told there is a bug in the new method - so as soon as the fix is implemented i'll get someone who knows what they are talking about to post the new method here.

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2 minutes ago, pconkie said:

Thanks @Graham Quince I’ve actually found where it was moved to (and fixed the bug) and got the functionality back in the various apps and widgets that we’re using it. Only remaining  issue is with the ckeditor as mentioned above. Can anyone shed any light on this?  Thanks.


One of our guys has just been looking at that and apparently the code you posted works, so it might be that it's being executed before the OS has loaded

Do you know when the code is being run?


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