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Lesson planning with Frog

Graham Quince

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Internally we've been talking a lot about lesson planning in Frog and I'm wondering what schools are currently doing.  We have a couple of lesson plans in the Frog Templates section when you create a new site, a 7-stage accelerated lessonplan and Alistair Smith's 4-stage plan and we're looking to add more.  

Do most of you have a lesson plan template (on or off Frog) in school? i.e. a styling of planning all teachers are expected to follow.

Or are your staff left to their own departments (or themselves) to construct lesson plans? 

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We have a specific method of planning that is required in Talbot County.  As long as we have Objectives, Bell Ringer, Cue set, teaching strategies, and closure we are all good.  They would like to see a guided practice and an independent practice.  


Normally I add in summative questions (which questions on the test is this info on) as well as what I am doing for formative assessment.  I build this as a week long plan and then create the frog items based on what I need to accomplish.  


Hope this helps


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