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Caroline Worboys

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Has anybody produced any code that creates a pop up word on a site such as a 'word of the week' or 'Tip of the week?' …. and if not, would anybody like to produce one :)

We would like a self-appearing/disappearing word or statement to pop up in a site or planner (via widget) and was thinking maybe it could take information from an excel file that has the words/tips plus the dates they need to be shown?

Apologies if this already exists. If it does, can somebody send me details

Thanks in advance


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A quick win would be to stick in a HTML widget and add something like....



alert("I am an alert box!");

// prompt, used if you want the user input

var person = prompt("Please enter your name", "Harry Potter");

// pops OK or Cancel to proceed

var r = confirm("Press a button");

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